• What is BlockFi?

    You might have heard about cryptocurrency, and you are looking for an opening to be a crypto investor. There are so many platforms for this, but BlockFi is one of the best for a newbie looking into joining crypto trading. In this short BlockFi review, we give an overview of what it takes to open an account (free, by the way) and the trading options available. But what is BlockFi?


    BlockFi is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers its clients various services, including loans with one of the most competitive interest rates available in the market. To get this great offer, one has to open an account with BlockFi through a simple process that takes a few minutes.


    Cryptocurrency trading is an under-tapped and confusing market, but with a BlockFi account, you don’t have to be a tech guru to start trading and earn up to 8.6% interest gained per year (APY) with your crypto savings.


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